Like most college students in Finance major I used Excel a lot. Excel is great and works well for millions of people, but it has its limitations. I have always loved tinkering with computers and a few year ago discovered Python & R. Soon it became clear to me that these programming languages can be used to solve many financial problems. But learning these languages can be challenging for many. In my personal experience, I had to read several books/blogs and perform countless searches on Google to solve my specific problems. This process was time consuming. So I decided to organize what I learned on this website. I hope you find what you are looking for on this website without wasting too much time.

I assume you know some basics in Python and R. If you want to start learning R and Python, I recommend the following two books that helped me.

Python Data Science Handbook

R for Data Science

This is my attempt to make it easier for others to use Python and R in Finance.

If you have any questions/comments you can contact me at [codingfinancelab “at” gmail “dot” com]